ZAEDNO - Communication for Support and Development Foundation

We work to inspire the positive youth and community change.

“ZAEDNO – Communication for Support and Development” Foundation (ZAEDNO) is a Bulgarian youth non-governmental, non-commercial and non-political organization, registered in 2005, and working in public benefit.

ZAEDNO is a Bulgarian word meaning: coming TOGETHER; towards one goal.


We do believe that there are no great deals that can change the world, but only small actions fulfilled with great love, understanding and compassion – when a single smile on the kids face is the greatest victory.

To work for the harmonious development and positive life change of young people and their communities through educational, voluntary and social programmes and risk-prevention activities.

Organizational structure

ZAEDNO Foundation has the following bodies and staff structure:
1. Managing board consisting of 3 members;
2. Assembly of the Foundation consisting of 4 members.
3. General Secretary – full time staff – 1 person
4. Trainers and team leaders – working on project bases
5. Volunteers team – up to 20 people

We are professionals in the field of youth development, sociology, social services, and ICT. Each of us have about 10 years of voluntary work and trainers' experience and qualification gained in the University, as well as YMCA, Red Cross, EU Youth Directorate, EVS, YouAct and Scouts movements.

ZAEDNO supports:

  • Children, young people and their communities with special focus on those who are underprivileged and growing in risky environment.
  • Girls, young mothers and families from remote geographical regions and those who live in a highly urban areas.

ZAEDNO Methods

  • Non-formal life skills education - including peer-to-peer, leadership and risk prevention trainings, interactive art and social activities.
  • Internet skills trainings and e-networking for youth teams andl organizations
  • Community assests building activities & Voluntary campaigns

ZAEDNO main projects & activities

  • Project "Growing classroom" in 2015/2016 with the financial support of Vision Du Monde and the School Board of School 107 "Han Krum", Sofia
  • Project: "The network delicious organic gardens for the children of Bulgaria" released in 2013/2014, with the financial support of the Swiss Confederation through the Fund for reforms related to civil society participation "
  • Project "Edible gardens of Learning - Lessons from Nature for All" 2012/2013, realized with financial support of "America for Bulgaria Foundation
  • Project "Close to nature, close to her - solidarity and support for the harmonious development of children with special needs and their families," 2012, with the support of Vision Du Monde, France
  • Project "Edible Garden of Learning - alternative education for the youngest" in 2011 with the support of the "Foundation" Eco Society "and the" Charles Stewart Mott "under the" Place for Life 2011 "
  • Project "Community Supported Agriculture - first steps in Bulgaria" 2010, with the support of Vision Du Monde, France
  • Project: "Adventure eco-trail" Way of the Heart "2009, with the support of Vision Du Monde, France
  • Project "Sofia - European Capital: shared space for all of us" in 2009, with the support of the "Europe" Sofia Municipality
  • Project "Happiness is complete only when it is shared: a positive social integration of young people with physical disabilities", 2008/2009, realized with financial support of the EU program "Youth in Action" 2008
  • Project "HORIZON ... share with friends" 2008/2009 with support from the Foundation FPBB
  • Project "SELMIRA" - building a virtual free zone for shared resources, experience and best practices in the field of youth development in Bulgaria ", 2009 - 2010, with the support of the EU program" Youth in Action "
  • Project " - virtual network for youth development '2007/2008 with the support of the State Agency for Youth and Sports, Youth Activities Program 2006-2007
  • Project "Virtual network of 35 youth information and counseling centers in Bulgaria" 2007/2010 with the support of the State Agency for Youth and Sports, 2006-2007 Program YICC
  • Project "Be online, be CONNECTED - Internet youth activity", 2007, with the support of the EU program "Youth in Action" Vision Du Monde, Franc
  • LIFE SKILLS Academy six training camps for orphanage children – violence and traffic prevention, with GERT Foundation, 2006 – 2008
  • – Bulgarian Youth Action Network, – developing e-network for over 60 youth NGOs. 2006 – 2009
  • Be on-line, be CONNECTED – training and toolkits ellaboration for active use of Internet for youth activitsm., 2006 - current
  • Bridging the Digital divide & On-line Safety & Security - training for young girls and women from remote areas – with GERT Foundation, november 2007
  • International day against Child Labour exploatation – national wide informational and training program with UNDP Bulgaria and UN Association in Bulgaria. 2007
  • Annual meeting of YouAct in Bulgaria, 2006 – TtT training in sexual and reproductive righs
  • Training "ICT skills and risk prevention" for women leaders from remote areas, IRBF, 2005
  • Building a training zone for integration of children with dissabilities in Sofia State Kindergarten 7, 2006-2007
  • Trainings and building of Social Rights Gateway with Internet Rights Bulgaria Foundation



  • Bulgarian Swiss Cooperation Program (2013 / 2014)
  • America For Bulgaria Foundation (2012)
  • Sofia Municipality (2009)
  • EU program Youth in Action 2008
  • National Agency of Youth and Sport (2007-2008)
  • Youth Info Centers Network (2007-2008)
  • Vision Du Monde, France (2007-2009 - 2010 - 2015 - 2016)
  • British Council, Bulgaria (2006-2007)
  • Vibrant Planet Ltd., New Zealand (2005)
  • Global Youth Action Network – GYAN, USA (2006)
  • Private donors



GLOBAL CAMPAIGNS & coordination



ZAEDNO - Communication for Support and Development Foundation, Bulgaria
Maria Dimitrova - General Secretary
Mobile: +359.889.429.165

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